About Us

Blissful Wellness CBD is a minority-owned company committed to the education and practice of alternative and holistic health. Founded by two life-long friends, Erasto, a cannabis enthusiast, and Shalaila, an alternative health advocate, they formed the wellness haven with the intent to do more than simply share information. But to serve and educate a niche group of people, those looking for natural alternative ways to live and thrive outside of medications and treatments from Western medicine.

The mark of Excellence is our standard, therefore we strive to provide the very best in products and customer service. We only profit from returning customers who are satisfied, which means we are dedicated to long-term success from the very beginning.

We ensure your product will be competitively priced, safely stored according to industry standards, shipped quickly, packaged securely and labeled clearly. We value YOU as our customer. Your satisfaction, organic feedback and willingness to tell all of your family and friends about us is what matters most to us. That’s why we never sell anything that we would not use on ourselves, just like we never sacrifice quality for profit.

Our Mission is clear:To bring universal awareness of the health benefits of CBD and Hemp to those seeking alternative ways to lead an overall healthier lifestyle by promoting cannabis literacy and providing high quality products.